Project Name:

Travel Forms and Workflow Project

Project Description:

The employees of the Head Office of Honda were following their travels in and out of the country, without any application. This made it difficult to follow the travels involved and the costs incurred. Towards this need, Travel Approval and Travel Expense Forms have been developed.

First of all, the staff to travel generates a Travel Confirmation Form. This form then passes through the approval relevant managers. If the form passes all the approvals, the staff completes the journey and a Travel Expense Form for the trip is created by the system. The relevant staff then initiates a separate approval process for the expense form by completing the necessary arrangements on this expense form and completing the additional costs and budget. In the event of a limit overrun in the expense form, the form can be returned to the user, or the administrators can reject the form by stating their reasons directly. Expense forms from all approvals provide summary reports to Accounting and Finance managers to log in to SAP application.

Related Technologies:

SharePoint, C#, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery

Project Total Manpower / Month Period:





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