Project Name:

Sodexo Web Contract

Project Description:

The customer needed a web-based product that would enable the users to actively make purchases from products such as Meal Check, Food Card, etc., and perform purchase transactions in the desired payment type with money order or credit card options.

A web application was developed using new technologies such as Asp.NET MVC, and Entity Framework. The encapsulation of the design onto the site, and integration of backend and frontend changes have been provided. T-SQL structure and Entity Framework CodeFirst approach used in database structure.

Through this newly developed application, new companies that want to work with Sodexo and have not previously registered in Sodexo will be able to register in few steps to this system and make meal check and food card purchases easily and effortlessly.

With the DevOps infrastructure installed, the steps in software development processes have been automated to a great extent and Software, Test and Project management teams have been able to work more efficiently.

Related Technologies

ASP.NET MVC 5, SQL Server, Entity Framework, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootsrap, Bank integration, Selenium, unit testing

Project Total Manpower / Month Period:





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