As a leading software company, BilgeAdam Technologies is also a human resources firm specialized in information technologies. With 20+ years of experience in IT, we train and recruit qualified IT experts.

As almost every organization has an IT project today, there is a need for qualified experts in every field of IT. However, the supply in IT cannot meet this demand. Therefore, it is very difficult to train, find, recruit and retain qualified IT experts; it requires professionalization in the field.

BilgeAdam Technologies offers you the best IT experts for temporary projects of your company and the need for experts qualified in every field of IT.

BilgeAdam Technologies Makes a Difference in Outsourcing

Corporate Experience
In 95 of the largest 500 companies in Turkey, more than 600 IT experts of BilgeAdam Technologies are recruited. We offer services nearly in all industries from holdings to SMEs and public institutions.
Large Talent Pool
BilgeAdam Technologies has a wide network to access the majority of IT professionals in Turkey. More than 100,000 graduates of BilgeAdam Academy comprise an important part of this network.
IT-Focused Approach
Unlike standard HR Consultancy companies, BilgeAdam Technologies has search and selection specialists with a know-how in IT. The candidates most suitable for the company’s requirements and corporate culture are defined via technical interviews.
Convenience in Official Processes
The Outsourcing services of BilgeAdam Technologies eliminates the financial, administrative and legal risks of recruiting personnel, and undertakes all official processes in this regard.
Geographical Extension
Operating in all over Turkey, BilgeAdam Technologies has service points in İstanbul and Ankara. In addition, service may also be offered on international scale.
Succession and Continuity
Through talent management, BilgeAdam warrants successors and continuity of project-based experts recruited for companies. Besides, the service is checked and continued through periodical visits.
Central Consultancy
A higher level of consultancy support on the issues beyond the expertise of the technical consultant is immediately and effectively provided by BilgeAdam Technologies.
Development Program
Adopting the philosophy of "Continuous Learning", BilgeAdam Technologies provides its outsource technical personnel with the essential IT training from BilgeAdam Academy. Therefore, the company receiving the outsourcing service meets its technical requirements, and has the lowest turnover rates in the industry as personnel motivation increases.
Outsource Expert Services

Short/Long-Term IT Outsourcing

With this type of service, the IT Expert demands received from organizations are evaluated in detail,

Outsource Expert Services

Search and Selection

With this type of service, personnel requests are evaluated in detail,


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